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Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom Teeth Extraction & Surgical Extractions By Vancouver Dentists

Wisdom Tooth ExtractionAt Enhance Dental Centre, we provide full general and cosmetic dental services in our Vancouver offices, including wisdom teeth extraction.

The wisdom teeth are the last teeth to emerge, typically appearing in young adults between the ages of 17 and 25. In most adults there are four wisdom teeth, two top third molars and two bottom third molars. As part of our ongoing care with regular checkups, the dental team at Enhance Dental Centre monitors the progress of the wisdom teeth in our young patients throughout the teen years. If we see a potential problem, we plan with the family and individual to develop an appropriate course of care.

When Is Wisdom Tooth Extraction Necessary?

Wisdom teeth extraction becomes necessary when the wisdom teeth emerge out of alignment with the rest of the teeth, or when the wisdom teeth fail to erupt at all and become “impacted” between the jawbone and the gum tissue. This condition can lead to chronic pain and infection if left untreated.

Other reasons for wisdom tooth extraction include repeated bacterial infections in a partially emerged tooth. Sometimes a flap of soft tissue known as an operculum forms over the wisdom tooth, in which food particles can become trapped – leading to pericoronitis, a common infection in young adults with partially emerged wisdom teeth. Symptoms include swelling and redness in the gum, difficulty opening the mouth, a bad taste or odour and pain in the jaw or neck. Lack of treatment can lead to more serious infections.

Our Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Many wisdom tooth extraction surgeries are conducted right here in our offices, but we assess each patient’s case individually to determine the best procedure. If our dental specialists determine that the patient is at a high risk for complications, or if the patient is having all four wisdom teeth extracted at once, we coordinate care with a hospital to ensure optimum safety and comfort.

At Enhance Dental Centre, we want your wisdom tooth extraction to be as painless as possible. Our health care professionals will be pleased to discuss options in Oral and IV sedation prior to your in-office surgery. Many patients benefit from prescription medication that allows them to safely achieve deep relaxation during the procedure.

Recovery usually takes a week or less, depending upon the complexity of the wisdom tooth extraction. The Enhance Dental Centre dental team supplies careful instructions on post-surgical care, and is always available for consultation and advice.

Many extended health care plans cover at least some of the cost of wisdom tooth extraction. Book an appointment with us for a diagnosis and estimate for your wisdom teeth extraction surgery.

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