What Is Teeth Whitening?

It is any dental protocol that can improve the color of natural teeth. Teeth whitening procedures typically focus on bleaching the enamels to remove stains. In Vancouver cosmetic dentistry, dentists are not limited to one approach to whitening teeth. While professional teeth whitening entails bleaching the enamel, other procedures can improve your smile’s color. They include:

  1. Dental bonding – features tooth-colored composite resin. The dentists at Vancouver dental clinic will help you select a shade of white that closest matches your natural teeth before performing composite bonding.
  2. Dental veneers feature tooth-colored porcelain material – are mostly employed as an alternative to composite bonding in cosmetic dentistry. Veneer teeth restore teeth’ color from the front side only.

More About Professional Teeth Whitening

When you visit your dentist at Vancouver dental clinic, be sure about the kind of teeth whitening procedure you prefer. Many general dentists offer professional teeth whitening services as the standard treatment for whitening and brightening teeth.

Professional teeth whitening entails directly bleaching teeth’ enamel with whitening agents. The product will break down stains on the enamel and dentin level of teeth. Dentists use lasers to activate the whitening products and speed up the bleaching process. The procedure should last about 45 minutes.

Who Needs Teeth Whitening?

Dentists can perform teeth whitening procedures on anyone. However, you are likely to appreciate the necessity of teeth whitening if you:

  1. Have stubborn stains on your teeth
  2. Want to drastically change the appearance of your smile – especially for a patient who wants a smile makeover.
  3. Have general yellowing or dulling of teeth
  4. Want a perfect camera-ready smile

Ideally, teeth whitening is a dental procedure that meets many patients’ preferences and desires for achieving their expected aesthetic appearances.

Exploring Different Home Remedies for Teeth Whitening

Unfortunately, not all people desire to whiten their teeth at Enhance Dental Centre. Several people opt for at-home remedies to whiten their teeth. While many of them are yet to be effective for breaking down stains on teeth’ surfaces, few impact the brightness of teeth. At our dental clinics, we recommend home remedies to patients for a maintenance approach. Ideally, start by getting your teeth professionally whitened, then maintain the results through at-home teeth whitening measures. The reason professional teeth whitening is important is:

  1. It is safe – dental experts will take care of your gums and teeth during the whitening process, preventing permanent damage.
  2. It has instant – the smile transformations will be immediate. By the time you leave the dentist’s office, your teeth will already be whiter than they were before.
  3. It is a quick procedure – you do not need to keep at it for several days or weeks before you can realize any results.
  4. It is effective – professional teeth whitening can brighten your teeth up for four shades whiter than before.

Some of the home remedies for whitening teeth you can try to manage the whiteness and brightness of your teeth are:

  1. Brushing teeth with whitening toothpaste – find a dental expert to recommend the best brand that will help maintain a white, bright smile.
  2. Excel in dental hygiene – your teeth will start yellowing if you neglect to brush and floss daily. If you want better results, switch your toothbrush to an electric one. It will work well to remove surface stains.
  3. Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide – make a paste of these two ingredients. The paste will help remove plaque buildup from your teeth. Make the paste using portions of one tablespoon of baking soda with two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide. After using the paste, be sure to rinse your mouth well.
  4. Eating fruits and vegetables with a higher water content – the high water content in fruits washes away plaque and food debris, leaving your teeth and gums healthy.
  5. Avoid certain foods – highly-pigmented foods will dull your newly whitened teeth. Foods like berries, pasta sauces, wines, and coffees can stain your teeth. Besides, acidic foods like lemons and oranges will erode your enamels, gradually causing yellowing. Even foods high in sugar and simple carbohydrates will increase the yellowing of your teeth.