Teeth exams are paramount for good oral hygiene

Good Oral Hygiene

Special Brushing

Oral cleaning in a dental clinic entails brushing your teeth with electric-powered brushes

Expert Flossing

Dental hygienist will floss your teeth more thoroughly than you can at home

Fluoride helps boosts your teeth’ resistance to acids and bacteria that cause cavities

Fluoride treatment

Dental Sealants

They create a barrier over the chewing surfaces that prevents food residue and bacteria from directly contacting teeth

Drinking Water

Water boosts saliva function by neutralizing the acidity in your mouth that otherwise leads to oral infections like cavities

Brushing at Home

Dentists recommend using products like fluoride toothpaste or electric toothbrushes at least twice daily or after every meal


The foods you consume directly affect your oral health. Eating healthily also makes it easier for you to keep your mouth clean

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