Gum Reshaping

Gum Reshaping in Vancouver, BC

Many people believe cosmetic treatment involves changing the shape and colour of your teeth. Have you ever thought that your gums can be contoured to improve your smile?

If you have a gummy smile, our dentist near you will suggest getting a minimally invasive procedure known as gum reshaping. Gum reshaping, also known as gum recontouring, is a cosmetic dental procedure done to improve your smile. At Enhance Dental Centre, our experienced dentist in Vancouver, BC provide you with gum reshaping treatments .

When Is It Recommended?

Gummy smile

If you have excessive gum tissue covering the tooth surface, gum reshaping may be a right treatment for you. It will not only improve your smile but makes it easier to keep the area clean.

Gum recession versus gummy smile

Recession is when your gum pulls away from the teeth and appears elongated. It can be caused by aggressive tooth brushing, gum disease, or aging. Gum recession can cause several issues such as teeth sensitivity, decay, aesthetic problems, and even loss of your teeth. It is usually treated by a procedure called gum grafting, which can be used to cover the receded area. The gum graft is taken from another area, usually the roof of your mouth, and grafted into place.

What to Expect

Gum reshaping, can be done by the help of either lasers or scalpels. We have to be aware that there is no difference in the outcome of the treatment. Laser sometimes is used to reshape the gum or stop bleeding during tooth crown preparation.

Gum reshaping is typically carried out on the front teeth as a cosmetic procedure. Our dentists in Vancouver, BC, after numbing your gums, gently shape the tissue around the tooth by using a laser or a scalpel. In some occasions, we need to reshape the bone underneath the gum to have a better result.

You might have some pain and discomfort for a few days after the procedure. We recommend taking over-the-counter painkillers to relieve pain. Take enough rest and try to avoid any strenuous activity.

At Enhance Dental Centre, we offer gum reshaping near you as a simple and effective way to improve your smile. To learn more about gum reshaping, contact us today!

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