Explore Advanced Dental Imaging with Computed Tomography

Discover the future of dental diagnostics with Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) at Enhance Dental Centre in Kitsilano, Vancouver. This groundbreaking technology offers precise 3D views of oral structures, revolutionizing diagnosis and treatment planning for exceptional patient care.

AI-Driven CBCT Technology

Enhance Dental Centre takes CBCT scans to the next level with cutting-edge AI technology. Our advanced machines capture incredibly detailed 3D images of your teeth and jawbone. But that's just the beginning! The integrated AI software analyzes these scans with exceptional accuracy, helping us identify potential issues you might face:

Transformative Power of AI-Powered CBCT Scans

Real-time analysis from this advanced AI software assists you in interpreting X-rays, pinpointing more potential issues while the patients are still in the chair. This translates to faster diagnoses and quicker treatment planning.

Enhance patient understanding with color-coded detections, clear tooth anatomy maps, and data-driven results. This objective information fosters trust in your diagnoses and empowers patients to make informed decisions about their oral health.

AI empowers earlier and more precise diagnoses, leading to an increase in treatment acceptance. By leveraging AI, you can present patients with clear evidence of the need for treatment, fostering trust and improving treatment outcomes.

Expand your practice with a suite of AI features designed to uncover hidden treatment needs, streamline patient recall, increase insurance claim approvals, and optimize your time in the chair. This translates to increased practice efficiency and improved profitability.

To learn more about all of our dental services, including AI In Dentistry near you, call Enhance Dental Centre. Our dentists near you can help you find the perfect treatment for your needs.

Unlock Advanced AI Capabilities

Our AI software boasts industry-leading real-time pathology detection capabilities. It catches even the most subtle abnormalities in our patients' X-rays, leading to earlier intervention and improved patient outcomes.
Real-time pathology detection ensures no pathology goes unnoticed. Here are some more benefits of instant pathology detection:

It fosters a deeper understanding of your oral health with tooth part mapping generated by our AI. This clear visualization, coupled with automated bone level and lesion depth measurements, empowers patients to actively participate in their treatment journey.

It generates downloadable patient reports for take-home reference and claim submissions. This not only simplifies the process for patients but also provides a clear record of findings for insurance purposes.

It leverages historical imagery analysis to track treatment progress, monitor potential issues over time, and refine future treatment plans. This comprehensive approach ensures the best possible care for your patients.

Why Choose Enhance Dental Centre?

1. Expertise in AI Integration

Our team comprises experienced professionals leveraging AI to elevate dental diagnostics and treatment.

2. Patient-Centric Approach

We prioritize patient comfort and satisfaction, ensuring a seamless experience from consultation to aftercare.

3. Commitment to Innovation

Continual investment in AI and dental technology keeps us at the forefront of modern dentistry.

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Services At Our Vancouver Dental Office

At Enhance Dental Centre - Vancouver Dental Centre, we're dedicated to offering exceptional dental care in a welcoming environment. From routine check-ups to advanced procedures, our comprehensive services cater to your family's needs.

What Patient Say About Us

Discover why patients love Enhance Dental Centre & Our Dentists. Read what our satisfied patients have to say about their experience with us. From our friendly staff to our expert care, find out why we're their trusted choice for dental health.

Henrique QuitesHenrique Quites
02:51 02 Apr 24
Fantastic treatment as always. Very friendly staff who are attentive and caring. Always a pleasure to be there
Rachel DooresRachel Doores
01:06 26 Mar 24
Very friendly staff, clean facility and we always have a great experience! I highly recommend the enhance dental team 🙂
laura Surchlaura Surch
06:12 22 Mar 24
I was very impressed! I was referred by a friend. I have VERY sensitive teeth. The dental hygienist named Kyla was so thorough and gentle. No pain what so ever. Dr. Pazhoh and Nikki the dental assistant were so patient and professional. If they are taking new patients, do not hesitate to let them be your new health care professionals for all of your dental care.
Myles LaphenMyles Laphen
21:29 12 Mar 24
After neglecting my teeth for a year. The fantastic team at enhance dental clinic. And run by a genius dentist. Dr Vahid Pazhoh . The hygienist was so professional. I was completely educated on what is needed.for the health of my teeth.$ I trust dr Pazhoh completely. And highly recommend him and his professional team .As alwaysWith admiration and respect.Myles LaphenAgain my experience with Dr. Vahid Pazhoh And his professional staff goes beyond words as far as professionalism expertise and made me feel completely Addies and comfortable with my service. I highly recommend this doctor and his team to anyone wanting a gentle hand and state of the art work
Patti AndersonPatti Anderson
03:50 08 Feb 24
I’m currently having a great experience at Enhance Dental Centre.The minute I walk in the door, Claire provides exceptional customer service, smiles, and greets me by name. She is the perfect first contact person.I had my teeth cleaned by Kyla. She is so knowledgeable in her work, gave me the best ever cleaning, made me laugh, and provided me with great ideas to maintain my teeth health.Dr. Vahid Pazhoh and Nika are an incredible team. They are very meticulous and work so in tune with each other. They are professional, make me feel very relaxed and I’m loving the results. To remember that my son is sick, and genuinely ask about him, is very kind.The staff are incredibly welcoming and helpful. I am having a wonderful experience and I would highly recommend this business to others.
rey ramosrey ramos
06:04 13 Dec 23
My wife recommended Enhance Dental, told me it's one of the best, skeptical at first, but now I totally agree with her. First, reception staff are so friendly and professional they listen to you and respect your decisions for appointments, you really feel welcomed every time you visit and always leave with a smile. Secondly, Dr. Pazhoh and his crew of dentists I can tell are at their high level of expertise, didn't feel any discomfort every time they work on my teeth in all of my visits, my gums kept bleeding before, Dr. Pazhoh informed me about gum disease, they worked on my teeth and cleaned the deepest corners of my gums, had a surgery and now I love my pink healthy gums and shinny teeth. Lastly, they have high tech state of the art equipment, they are top notch and It's amazing when they showed me how they function, Really tidy clinic and I have to say I feel like I'm in an Semi-Conductor Clean Room every time I visit. All in all I'm gonna give Enhance Dental a 10/10 and would definitely recommend to all of my friends and to anybody who's looking for an " Enhanced" dental care.
Jo DawsonJo Dawson
01:19 23 Nov 23
I have been coming to enhance for a few years now and really appreciate the team there. I am quite anxious with any dental work I have and they are so kind and patient and all work hard to make it a pleasant experience for me. The dentists and hygienist are meticulous and the team are the front are always so friendly and attentive. I highly recommend them!
mehrsa raeiszadehmehrsa raeiszadeh
00:10 01 Aug 23
My favourite dental office in Vancouver. Dr. Pazhoh is caring, very diligent, and experienced. He has done different filling on my teeth and I’ve always been happy. The cleaning by Kyla has been remarkable; with proper flossing and brushing, it keeps my teeth going for 6 months. The front office staff is super nice. Highly recommended!