Do you dream of a straighter, more confident smile but dislike the idea of traditional metal braces? Invisalign might be the perfect solution for you! This innovative clear aligner system allows you to achieve a beautiful smile discreetly and comfortably.
Enhance Dental Centre is proud to offer Invisalign, a revolutionary clear aligner system that gently shifts your teeth into their ideal positions. Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign uses a series of clear, removable trays that are virtually invisible. This means you can straighten your teeth without compromising your appearance!
In this blog post, we’ll delve into the best practices for taking care of your Invisalign aligners, ensuring a smooth and successful treatment journey. By following these simple tips and partnering with a trusted Invisalign provider like Enhance Dental Centre, you’ll be well on your way to achieving the smile you’ve always desired.

Tips for Caring for Your Invisalign

Tips for Caring for Your Invisalign

1- Clean Your Aligners Regularly

Just as you brush and floss daily, it’s important to make a habit of cleaning your Invisalign trays every morning and evening throughout your treatment. Without proper cleaning, your aligners can accumulate plaque and bacteria, just like your teeth. Therefore, clean your aligners twice a day using non-abrasive toothpaste and an extra soft toothbrush. Gently brush both the inside and outside of the trays to remove any debris and bacteria that could affect the health of your teeth and gums.

2- Use Invisalign Crystals to Soak Your Aligners

To help with odor, bacteria buildup, and staining, use Invisalign cleaning crystals to soak your trays daily. Dissolve the crystals in the recommended amount of lukewarm water and immerse your aligners. Typically, the cleaning solution works in about 15 minutes. After soaking, brush, rinse, and replace your trays. Remember, do not leave your Invisalign out for any longer than necessary!

3- Avoid Using Abrasive Materials

Avoid using soap, denture cleaner, or mouthwash to scrub your aligners. These substances can be abrasive and may cause your aligners to become dull and make them less invisible when you’re wearing them. Teeth whitening toothpaste may also damage your aligners if it contains abrasive additives.

4- Avoid Using Mouthwash on Your Aligners

Most mouthwash products contain harsh ingredients and artificial coloring that can damage or stain your aligners. Since Invisalign trays are made of clear plastic, they can absorb these dyes and potentially warp due to the abrasive chemicals. Always remove your aligners before using mouthwash, and ensure your mouth is thoroughly rinsed before putting your trays back in.

5- Store Your Invisalign Trays in Their Case

You should never leave your Invisalign out in the open. Improperly storing your aligners increases the risk of damage and bacterial growth. Additionally, you are more likely to lose them if you leave them out. When you remove your Invisalign to eat or drink, make it a habit to place them back in their case.

6- Rinse Your Aligners When You Remove Them

Rinsing your aligners helps remove lingering saliva and plaque before placing them in their case. It’s crucial to rinse them off even when you’re not at home, as neglecting this can turn them into a breeding ground for bacteria. Always find a sink or drinking fountain to rinse your aligners before taking them out.

Remove Your Aligners Before Eating

7- Remove Your Aligners Before Eating

One of the great advantages of Invisalign is that you can remove them as needed! It’s especially important to take them out when you eat or drink to avoid damaging or staining them. The only thing you can safely consume while wearing your aligners is water.

8- Do Not Use Heat to Disinfect Your Aligners

It may seem logical to use extremely hot water to kill bacteria and germs on your aligners, but this can actually damage them. Despite being designed for durability, the plastic trays can soften and warp if exposed to boiling water or other high heat. Warm water is recommended for rinsing and cleaning your aligners, but avoid using very hot water.

9- Be Careful When Removing Your Aligners

To prevent damaging your aligners or irritating your gums, be careful when removing your Invisalign trays, particularly if you are new to the treatment. Begin at the back of your mouth and gently lift the aligners off your molars, then work your way toward the front. If you continue to have difficulty removing your aligners, consult with your dentist about options like an aligner hook that can assist you.

10- Avoid Certain Beverages

It’s advisable to avoid sugary or colored beverages while wearing your Invisalign. Stick to water if you intend to keep your aligners in place. Otherwise, remove them before consuming anything besides water. If you accidentally consume a sugary beverage, coffee, tea, or dark soda while wearing your Invisalign, rinse them out as soon as possible to prevent staining and bacterial buildup.


By following these best practices, you’ve equipped yourself with the knowledge to keep your Invisalign aligners clean, effective, and invisible throughout your treatment. Remember, consistent cleaning, proper wear time, and careful handling are the cornerstones of a successful Invisalign experience.
At Enhance Dental Centre, we understand the importance of a healthy, confident smile. Our team of experienced dentists and dedicated staff are passionate about helping patients achieve their desired results with Invisalign. We offer comprehensive consultations, personalized treatment plans, and ongoing support to ensure your comfort and satisfaction every step of the way.
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1- How do you take care of Invisalign trays?

  • Clean aligners with soft-bristled brush and lukewarm water + denture cleaner (morning & night)
  • Daily soak (optional) in dentist-recommended cleaning solution
  • Rinse well with lukewarm water after brushing/soaking
  • Wear aligners for prescribed time (typically 20-22 hours/day)
  • Handle with care (avoid bending, chewing, hot water)
  • Store in the dedicated case when not in use
  • Replace aligners according to the dentist’s instructions

2- Can you drink through a straw with Invisalign?

Drinking through a straw may seem like a solution to drinking with Invisalign, but it’s not a good idea. Sugars that come into contact with your aligners can promote bacteria buildup, potentially resulting in cavities, bad breath, stained aligners, gum disease, and other issues.

3- Can I drink coffee with Invisalign?

It’s advised to remove your Invisalign aligners before drinking hot coffee, as the dark color may stain them, and the heat from the beverage may warp them.