Insurance & Finance

Helping You Achieve the Smile You Deserve

At Enhance Dental Centre, our team of dentists near you in Vancouver, BC, know that convenience matters in various areas when choosing a dentist. Not only is the location of our office to your work, school, or home as important as patient care, but we also know that the types of credit cards that are accepted and the availability of payment plans matter too.

Invisalign® Payment Plan

Right now, as an Invisalign®-approved dentist near you, Enhance Dental Centre can provide you with a payment plan for your Invisalign aligner therapy. Whether you choose Invisalign for yourself or your teen, our dental care team will be happy to discuss how our Invisalign payment plan can help you and your family achieve an improved smile.

Implant Placement Payment Plan

We also offer a payment plan for implant placement performed by our dentist in Vancouver, BC, at Enhance Dental Care. Please call our office now to learn more.