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How Safe Are Digital X-rays?

How Safe Are Digital X-rays?

Tuesday, June 19th, 2018

Digital X-rays

Useful diagnostic components of annual dental checkups, x-rays, which are also referred to as dental radiographs, are essential to an individual’s oral health. They allow your dentist to see tooth decay, discover cysts or tumors, and identify the causes of pain that you might be experiencing. There are various types of x-rays such as bitewings, panoramic, occlusal, and periapical. Today, digital x-rays are more commonly used than traditional x-ray films. Just how safe are the digital x-rays being used in your dentist’s office?

How Safe Are Digital X-rays?

While people are exposed to a relatively small dose of radiation during the procedure, digital x-rays are safe to use. They deliver much less radiation than many people suspect. With x-rays being such a common element utilized in medical treatments as well as in dental procedures, it’s no surprise that people wonder about the safety of digital x-rays. However, they are safe for both adults and children, exposing the individual to very little radiation.

Are Digital X-rays Safer Than Traditional Ones?

When comparing digital x-rays to their predecessors traditional x-ray films, it is safe to say that they expose the patient to a great deal less radiation. In fact, research studies have shown that digital x-rays typically involve 80 to 90% less radiation exposure than traditional ones. They make use of an electronic sensor that takes images quickly and without high doses of radiation.

Are Digital X-rays Safer Than Medical Ones?

In general, it is safe to assume that digital x-rays utilized by your dentist involve a great deal less radiation than the ones used by your physician. For example, even if you had a dozen digital x-rays taken at the dental office, it would still expose you to less radiation than that involved in a single chest x-ray or upper GI series.

Reducing the Minimal Risk That Digital X-rays Pose to Patients

While digital x-rays deliver minor doses of radiation to the patient, additional steps are taken by dentists to minimize this small risk. In particular, a lead apron is placed upon the patient to shield the body from any radiation that might occur during this process.

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