Dental fillings are a fantastic solution to restore decaying/decayed or damaged teeth. When the dentist from Enhance Dental Centre recommends dental fillings, please do not assume you have become a victim of tooth decay and have cavities in your teeth. For all, you know the recommendation could be to fill a cracked or damaged tooth the dentist noticed on x-rays during your routine dental exam.

Presently you can get different types of fillings for your teeth, unlike earlier when the ungainly appearing silver amalgam was the only solution. Dental fillings in Vancouver prefer providing tooth-coloured fillings made from composite resin because they resemble the natural appearance of your teeth. Whether you have a cavity or need dental fillings to restore a damaged tooth, you can inquire about tooth-coloured fillings to ensure you don’t leave your affected tooth untreated.

What Happens If You Don’t Treat Your Damaged Tooth?

Leaving your damaged or decayed tooth untreated is an invitation to disastrous consequences. Tooth decay creates permanent damage in your teeth, while broken or chipped teeth allow bacteria in your mouth to develop further damages needing expensive treatments later.

A decayed tooth needs tooth decay removal by drilling under local anesthesia. However, the fear of going under the dental drill in the Vancouver dental clinic can encourage you to put off the treatment for later without realizing the cavity in your tooth continues to progress until it reaches the centre of the tooth, the dental pulp.

If you accept the Vancouver dentist’s recommendation to have your tooth filled, the professional helps eliminate the pollution while preserving the appearance and structure of your tooth, allowing you to smile confidently and chew comfortably. Unfortunately, if you neglect the treatment, the bacteria in the cavity continue to penetrate your tooth enamel until they reach the dental pulp making you susceptible to receiving root canal treatments.

Instead of allowing the bacteria to create more damage and need painful treatments, we are confident you will not hesitate to enjoy the benefits of dental fillings by having them in your teeth to restore the tooth’s structure and functionality.

How Soon Must You Get Dental Fillings after a Recommendation?

The sooner you get dental fillings after a recommendation, the better it is for you and your tooth. Instead of thinking about dental fillings as a minor issue, you must welcome the suggestion from the dentist to have a tooth filled soon after the recommendation. It is your responsibility to understand that you have two options if tooth decay progresses to reach the dental pulp. The first is to undergo root canal treatments, and the second is to lose the tooth altogether.

Dental fillings are relatively inexpensive and merely require one appointment with your dentist. Unfortunately, if you disregard the dentist’s advice, you must spend more time with them getting endodontic therapy or tooth replacement solutions at exorbitant prices to hide the gap in your mouth. Under the circumstances, wouldn’t you consider dental fillings a better option than other treatments?

What Does the Dental Filling Procedure Involve?

The dental filling procedure is relatively straightforward and completed within 45 minutes by the Vancouver dentist. When you accept the suggestion, you receive local anesthesia near the affected tooth if the dentist needs to drill it. Chipped or broken teeth don’t need any drilling because dentists can fill the tooth using the same composite resin material, shaping and polishing it to ensure it resembles your natural tooth.

If the filling is for a cavity in the molar, the dentist recommends you have silver amalgam fillings as they remain in the posterior region of your mouth. However, if an anterior tooth is damaged or decayed, you will undoubtedly be offered composite resin tooth-coloured fillings applied in layers in the cavity after cleaning and disinfecting it.

How Do Fillings Improve Your Dental Health?

Decayed and damaged teeth are breeding grounds for bacteria in your mouth to create more damage after feasting on the sugary and starchy foods you have. The bacteria deposit toxins on the damaged teeth and those surrounding them to erode tooth enamel and create additional damage. When you receive dental fillings as recommended by the dentist, you prevent the microorganisms from creating further damage helping your dental health to remain intact. Damages to your teeth from tooth decay or other reasons are best repaired when detected without delaying the treatment. In addition, fillings improve your dental health by preventing it from worsening to let you enjoy your mouth’s functionality and smile.