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How a Gum Lift Can Give Your Smile a Boost

How a Gum Lift Can Give Your Smile a Boost

Friday, June 15th, 2018

How a Gum Lift Can Give Your Smile a Boost

Do your teeth look shorter than you think they should? Does your smile look “gummy” and disproportionate? If you answered yes to these two questions, you might want to take advantage of a cosmetic procedure referred to as a gum lift or gingivectomy. If you want to find out more about how a gum lift can give your smile a boost, continue reading.

What Is a Gum Lift?

A cosmetic procedure, the gum lift reshapes the patient’s gums so that they appear more even and expose more of the teeth. A gum lift is recommended when an overgrowth of gum tissue covers too much of a tooth’s surface.

What Happens During the Gum Lift Procedure?

Usually, you can get a gum lift in a single visit. The cosmetic dentist makes sure that you are sedated properly before beginning the procedure. He attempts to contour the gums so that they are even in appearance. This might involve the removal of some of your gums, the raising of gingival tissue, or both. A soft-tissue laser is used to sculpt your gum line so that your smile looks more natural. The laser also seals the gums, minimizing bleeding and swelling.

How Does a Gum Lift Give Your Smile a Boost?

Poorly shaped gums can detract from the natural beauty of your teeth. No matter how white they look, poorly shaped gums can take away the beauty of your teeth. However, a gum lift can resolve this problem. Once your gums have been properly shaped, your teeth should appear longer in length. Your gums should also look even rather than featuring an up-and-down appearance. As a result, more of each tooth should be visible, exposing the natural contours of each one. In turn, this creates a more aesthetic appearance for your smile.

Are There Any Unusual Circumstances When Someone Gets a Gum Lift?

In some instances, a bit more work must be performed in order to achieve the desired results. The gum tissue is connected to the bone that lies beneath the teeth. In rare cases, the bone must also undergo adjustment in order to perform the gum lift properly.

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