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Gum Lift Vancouver

Gum Lift Vancouver

Tuesday, July 10th, 2018

Gum Lift

A gum lift is a dental procedure that involves reshaping the gum line. While this procedure has traditionally been used to treat gum disease, modern applications of the procedure have been developed to address cosmetic concerns associated with excessive gummy smiles or asymmetrical gum lines. Indeed, many patients express concern and embarrassment about a visible gum line when they smile, and a gum lift is a popular solution. A gum lift not only sculpts the gum line, but the procedure can create the appearance of longer and more symmetrical teeth. After all, an aesthetically pleasing smile goes a long way to enhancing your self-esteem.

There are many situations where your dentist may recommend a gum lift. In some cases, gums may not recede naturally after a permanent tooth has erupted; your lips may have a natural shape that allows a lot of gum to show; or gum recession may be so extreme that more of your tooth surface is exposed than you would like. Regardless of why you and your dentist have decided that a gum lift is appropriate, the procedure today is more advanced and more common than in the past.

Historically, gum lifts have been regarded as a painful dentistry treatment which involved cutting the gums and stitching them together again. This often required weeks of uncomfortable recovery during which time your gums would be swollen, sore, and bleeding and eating and drinking were difficult. However, modern gum lift procedures utilize advanced technology that significantly reduces recovery time. In fact, many patients can return to normal activities within a day or two of the surgery.

Your gum lift will start with the administration of a local anaesthetic. Using laser technology, your gums are cut and reshaped so they are even and more visually appealing. By using lasers, blood vessels are automatically sealed so there is little or no bleeding during and after the procedure. The procedure can usually be completed within one dental visit, and gums can be raised or lowered depending on the case.

While gum lifts can be done as a stand-alone procedure, many cosmetic dentistry treatments also include gum lifts. For example, when veneers are applied, your dentist may also recommend a gum lift to ensure that gums are even and attractive. Moreover, gum lifts are also associated with treatment for gum disease. This progressive disease is generally the result of poor dental hygiene but can also be associated with tobacco and alcohol use, medications, and even aging. A gum lift can help manage the symptoms of gum disease while restoring your smile.

If you are considering a gum lift, speak to your dentist about practitioners who offer the service. After an initial consultation, your gum lift procedure can be completed quickly and easily leaving you with your ideal smile.

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